Tom Browning Jersey

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Cincinnati Reds utilityman Derek Dietrich should have enough time in Milwaukee to find a pair of bell-bottoms, purchase a psychedelic tie-dye shirt, and crash the Senior Stroll at Miller Park on Wednesday.

Then again, he could wait until the weekend, sneak into the Wrigley Field bleachers for their Chicago Cubs cap giveaway, unless he prefers a rooftop seat where he pop open a cold one, resurrecting memories of former Reds pitcher Tom Browning’s antics in 1993.

Dietrich appreciates the suggestions, but sorry, he’s more imaginative.

Besides, Dietrich says, the whole key in creativity is spontaneity.

You simply can’t plan these things, they’ve got to come to you.

Come on, it’s not as if he invited the swarm of bees to invade Great American Ballpark two weeks ago, prompting him to borrow rookie teammate Nick Senzel’s white, long-sleeved shirt, grab a pesticide cannister, and run to home plate wearing a makeshift beekeeper outfit that surely had the bees giggling to themselves.

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